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WORKSHOP Session 1 

Be Prepared! - Delivering integrated housing, health and care services, what it's really like 

Maxine Espley, Executive Director of Health, Social Care and Support, & Nicole Beeching, Assistant Director - Business Development, Accord Housing Association & Dr Nichola Stefanou, Director of Clinical Practice, Home Group

  • Interested in learning about how integrated housing, health and care services are delivered on the ground?
  • Have you got concerns about the risks involved?
  • How are you and your wider organisation going to be better prepared to take on these new challenges?
Our session will provide an insider's view of delivering truly integrated services. It will include real life practical examples of how this works in practice, the lessons we have learned over the last two years and insights into the transformative requirements that you need to be aware of when delivering integrated care.
We'll also look at the importance how well governed services and clinical governance are key to delivering safe and high quality integrated care. We'll share our experiences around the key things you should be aware of when introducing an integrated service, the challenges around attracting new colleagues with different skill sets, supporting them in their new roles, whilst introducing new skills and ways of working to your existing workforce. We'll finish the session with some practical examples of new services being developed to support the reablement of older people and integration of services. 

State of Recruitment in Social Care
Amanda Marques, Director, & Dave Beesley, Talent Director, Cohesion Recruitment, Bruce Adams, Head of Sales Europe, Altura Learning

Cohesion return to our annual conference as guest speakers to share their expertise around the current State of Recruitment in Social Care. Working with providers of all sizes, they will be sharing insights from across their client base, which includes private companies, social enterprises and charities.  
Cohesion are in a unique position to share what they see as the biggest challenges experienced by the organisations they partner with and will be sharing the strategies and methods they deploy to drive better recruitment results. The session will include supporting data from their Care Applicant Survey which many NCF members participated in following previous Cohesion Social Care Forums related to Men in Care and Young People in Care.  

Cohesion will be joined by Altura Learning, and Care Friends with whom they are pursuing an integrated model for recruitment, now in its pilot stage, to improve quality recommendations, engagement and retention.    

You should attend this session if you want to know about the latest in social care recruitment, hear about insights into candidate behaviour from thousands of interviews and surveys and learn about the latest methods to advocate for the opportunities available in social care.   

Governance Priorities for Trustees  

John Wearing, Partner, and Tim Coolican, Partner, Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP

This workshop will identify those issues arising out of the many challenges facing the care sector which should be the priorities for Trustees when addressing the governance of their organisations. We will be looking in particular at governance in the context of financial pressures, pressures on maintaining quality and the management of risks. The workshop will pick up on specific recent changes including those being promoted by CQC, the Competitions and Markets Authority, the Information Commissioners Office and others. The session is intended primarily for Trustees and those setting the agenda for Trustees’ meetings. 

Turning older people and people with dementia into dedicated athletes

Stian Lavik, Director of International Markets, Solfrid Sagstad, Executive Market Manager, Motitech UK

An overwhelming majority of older people in England don’t meet the minimum physical activity levels needed to maintain their health. Motiview is a motivational tool that stimulates older people and people with dementia to be more physically and cognitively active. Using an exercise bike, video and sound, the users can take cycle trips through familiar surroundings and childhood memories. Our growing video library facilitates bringing memories back to life and inspires through the combination of sensory impression and physical activity. 

Motiview is established in the Nordics and the benefits have been documented through several projects; Improved mobility; Fewer falls; Faster rehabilitation; Increased appetite; Reduced obesity; Reduction in aggressive behaviour and medication; Better sleep; Less pain; Improved well-being; Encouraging for carers and family. Motiview is now piloted at 25 sites in England in a project funded by Sport England’s Active Ageing fund.

Through our annual international championship, the Road Worlds for Seniors, we see thousands of cyclists from care facilities across the nations battling it out to become the next champion. In 2018, the 2400 participants cycled 52,000 km in 4 weeks! And the enthusiasm and stamina shown by the participants truly impress us!

WORKSHOP Session 2

Investment Trends & Partnership Investing

Freddie Richards, Investment Director, Octopus Healthcare & Ben Penaliggon, Director, Octopus Healthcare

Octopus Healthcare, part of the Octopus Group, is a leading UK healthcare property investment platform.  It currently manages almost £1 billion (gross) of healthcare investments, with a focus on two core areas: care homes and retirement communities.  Octopus Healthcare has been active in the UK care home market since 2010, and currently has almost £600m of assets under management in this sector, with some 21 tenants / operating partners.  In August 2017, Octopus Healthcare launched one of the first perpetual life’ funds in the UK focussed on the UK care home market, and has since raised nearly £400m of equity for that fund, from UK and international institutional investors.     

This session will provide an overview of the investment trends we are currently seeing.  It will also examine development funding structures available through leasing, typical lease terms and the role of the landlord. The session will be focused on elderly care homes.

Wellbeing Teams

Wellbeing Teams are small, neighbourhood self-managed teams, rated Outstanding by CQC. The first teams were in Wigan in partnership with Making Space.  In this presentation Helen will explain how self-management works in practice, how they are different from traditional hierarchy, and how CQC responded.

Are your Temporary Agency Staffing costs spiralling and squeezing your margins?

Christoph Marr, Managing Director, Marr Procurement & Neil Eastwood, Founder & CEO, Care Friends  

Are your Temporary Agency Staffing costs spiralling and squeezing your margins?
Want to do something about it?
Christoph Marr of Marr Procurement and Neil Eastwood of Sticky People, two leading experts from procurement and care workforce strategy, will present a high impact session to address temporary agency staffing costs.
The session will provide both procurement and operational techniques with best practice to reduce agency consumption, share lessons learnt and learning outcomes, to help bring nurse and care assistant agency spend right down - Fast!
This session will answer the following questions:
  • which agency management model is best for my circumstances?
  • what to watch out for when agencies invoice
  • how the right data can give you back control
  • what recruitment method delivers staff that stay 2.5x longer
  • which intervention has reduced agency spend to zero for some providers?
Please join us for an interactive session which will allow you to take away a host of ideas to put into action!

Social Prescribing – ‘Just what the Doctor ordered’

Gill Duncan, Independent Consultant & Clive Cook, Chief Executive, St John’s Winchester Charity & Samantha Roussos, Locality Development Manager, NHS West Hampshire CCG

The NHS plan launched in 2018 set out an ambitious commitment to make care personalised across the health and care system. This comprehensive model includes Social Prescribing and Community Support.
Social prescribing is designed to support people with a range of social, emotional and practical needs to improve health and wellbeing.  It is most effective when it is targeted and part of an integrated pathway to provide a mechanism for linking patients in primary care with sources of social, therapeutic and practical support in the voluntary and community sector. Social prescribing can also help to strengthen community resilience by increasing people’s active involvement with their local communities. 
The session will give an opportunity to learn more about social prescribing, with input from a CCG Locality Development Manager and St Johns Charity Winchester about its Hand In Hand service, how this has been developed and what further opportunities there are for working with the NHS, Local Authority and Voluntary sector partners.
It is an opportunity for you to consider what social prescribing could offer for your organisation and how it could integrate into your services to improve outcomes for the people you support. 

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