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Jan - Dec 2017

13 December 2017: CQC ASC Trade Association Meeting took place. NCF was represented by Sharon Blackburn. Please see links to slides regarding content of the meeting and quality ratings.

• The Business impact target

16 November 2017: CQC ASC Co Production meeting was held on the 16 November. Sharon Blackburn represents NCF at these meetings. Please see links to slides. Included is a presentation from Ed Russell Director of Innovation and Delivery from WCS an NCF member speaking about the use of technology. Great presentation. Great to see other members present too.

• ASC meeting group agenda

• ASC group meeting

8 November 2017: The regular CQC ASC Trade Association Meeting took place and NCF was represented by Sharon Blackburn. Please find the following slides available for download by logged in members.

• Adult social care ratings summary slides

• ASC Trade association meeting

11 October 2017: The regular CQC ASC Trade Association Meeting took place and NCF was represented by Sharon Blackburn. Please find the following slides available for download by logged in members.

Adult social care ratings summary slides

ACS Trade association meeting

20 September 2017: NCF attended CQC's Adult Social Care external co-production meeting. Please find the following slides available for download by logged in members.

Co-production meeting slides - Provider Information Returns, Reporting on safeguarding, Care Home Market Study

Summary of feedback and actions from 20 July 2017 meeting

9 August 2017: The regular CQC Trade Association Meeting was attended by Sharon Blackburn on behalf of NCF. slides are attached for your information. Additional links are below should you wish to explore more detail.

Investigation into CQC’s actions in relation to Hillgreen Care Ltd

Annual report and accounts for 2016/17

Annual report on managing controlled drugs

In his item on Ratings Reviews, John Forrest referred to the Transparency section of CQC’s website, where you can find a summary of the outcome of all ratings review requests to date. These pages can be found here. The latest ratings available for the sector are available in the separate presentation.

Sharon is always happy to receive comments or feedback:

20 July 2017: Sharon Blackburn on behalf of NCF attended the CQC Co Production meeting on 20 July The slides used at the meeting are attached 

Re Quality Matters: the Quality matters document can be found here and the Age Speaks radio special report on the launch event can be listened to here

12 July 2017: Sharon Blackburn attended the CQC ASC Trade Association Meeting on behalf of NCF. 

Please find the latest rating slides attached for your information. It is noticeable that the number of registered care homes with nursing are in decline. In recent months a few members reported being asked by CQC Inspectors for substantial amounts of historic employment records and refer news for staff who had been employed by them for a very long time (25 years in some instances). This was raised at these meetings. Interestingly other Trade Associations have had similar experiences. A statement is being prepared by CQC clarifying what is required . This will be used internally with their staff and will shared with members when available. At the next meeting we will be exploring medicines management. There  is some information in the slides attached but these have not been explored/presented due to time constraints today. Information will be provided post the next meeting

CQC has been asked by the Secretaries of State for Heath and for Communities and Local Government to undertake a programme of local system reviews of health and social care in 12 local authority areas. 

These reviews, exercised under the Secretaries of State’s Section 48 powers, will include a review of commissioning across the interface of health and social care and an assessment of the governance in place for the management of resources. 

We will look specifically at how people move between health and social care, including delayed transfers of care, with a particular focus on people over 65 years old. 

A further eight sites for review will be identified in the coming months and once all 20 reviews have been completed we will publish a national report of our key findings and recommendations

Consultation open between Monday 12 June and Tuesday 8 August comments to no later than 30 July please

This consultation seeks views on specific proposals for how we will: • regulate primary medical services and adult social care services 

improve the structure of registration, and clarify our definition of registered providers • monitor, inspect and rate new models of care and large or complex providers 

use our unique knowledge to encourage improvements in the quality of care in local areas • carry out our role in relation to the fit and proper persons requirement 

Read more and respond here

CQC Expanding the role of Registration: CQC held a meeting on 14 June. NCF was represented by Maria Ball and Paul Newman both NCF Board Members as well as Sharon Blackburn. Please see the slides from the meeting.

The document outlining all the proposed changes as part of their next phase consultation can be found here

The consultation will remain open until Tuesday 8 August 2017. If you have any questions about other parts of the consultation, please email 

14 June 2017: Sharon Blackburn attended the CQC ASC Trade Association on behalf of NCF. Please see the latest rating slides 

Stage 2 of CQC consultation was launched on 12 June and closes on 8 August. Please send your comments to Sharon Blackburn asap in order to inform the NCF response.

Additional update was given below:

  • Heatwave Plan for EnglandNo changes have been made to the Heatwave Plan for England this year; this plan will remain in place until further notice. The Met Office will issue Hot Weather Alerts from 1 June to 15 September 2017. Two new resources have been developed:
  • 'Beat the Heat: care home checklist' - a checklist to help care home staff identify situations where overheating may cause harm to health, actions to take, and where to get help and support.  This resource is aimed at front line workers (e.g. social care staff). 
  • Heatwave off the shelf exercise – reviews heatwave planning, response and recovery within local health and social care and regional capabilities as well as raising awareness of the current Heatwave Plan for England, which is available from  

The plan is a key component of emergency planning and is increasingly relevant in adapting to climate change. It provides advice for professionals, organisations, and individuals to enable them to plan for and respond to heatwaves. 

A copy of the plan and its associated supporting documents is available on the PHE website 

17 May 2017:  Sharon Blackburn on behalf of NCF attended the CQC ASC co-production meeting 

These slides provide useful insights into CQC’s work. NCF are fully engaged in all areas of work

CQC’s Board considered the implications of the pre-election period on the publication of the response to the winter consultation, including changes to the Registering the Right Support Guidance • This was due to be published on 11 May, but the Board decided to delay publication until after the General Election, expected to be 12 June • There will be a corresponding delay to the implementation of the next phase of hospital inspections • The spring consultation which was due to open on 11 May will now also be postponed until after the General Election, expected to be 12 June, and this will delay planned implementation of the next phase of adult social care and primary medical services inspections.

Quality matters launch event

The pre-election period has impacted the launch of Quality matters, which had been planned for 15 May • Quality matters will now launch at an event on 12 July in central London • 

If you would like to attend the Quality matters launch event on Wednesday 12 July, please follow this link to register your details via Eventbrite

10 May 2017: CQC Trade Association Meeting (TAM) took place on 10 May. Sharon Blackburn represented NCF at this meeting.

The following information is available for members:

CQC ASC Quality Ratings data ( up to 24 April 2017). Please note hospices are no longer inspected by ASC but are now in the health directorate of CQC.

Slides of topics covered at the actual TAM…please do read

CQC first Impact Report published in April. You can find a copy of the report on this page of CQC’s website

Notes from the Quality Matters RoundTable which we have been asked to share. The launch of Quality Matters initially was scheduled to take place on 15 May, due to the General Election this will now take place on 12 July.

The  second phase of CQC’s consultation which was due to be launched on 11 May will now be launched on 12 June with responses due back to CQC by 8 August.

The publication of Registering the Right Support Guidance has also been delayed due to the General Election.

Provider Portal: eligibility presently is – any Registered Provider with 15 or fewer locations. This will be expanded in the coming months. Providers should have received an automatic invite…if this is not the case please send enquiries to: or call 03000 616161. The Portal can be accessed at 

12 April 2017: Sharon Blackburn on behalf of NCF attended the CQC ASC Trade Association Meeting on 12 April. Slides available here

1. During the Consultation Update there were some queries regarding the Registering the Right Support guidance. Please see slides on phase 2 of the consultation from slide 10 onwards. Colleagues in the CQC policy team have clarified the following:

The plan is to publish the guidance with the Next Phase consultation on 11 May.

The guidance applies to all providers of health and social care services.  Health settings generally have more beds but they would be registering for ‘treatment of disease, disorder or injury’ and not accommodation with personal care / nursing. 

For providers of services that provide care, or that might intend to provide care in the future for people with a learning disability and/or autism who display behaviour that challenges, including those with a mental health condition, we will adopt the presumption of small services “usually accommodating six or less”. This position is in line with the current statements of best practice in Building the Right Support. 

We will not adopt ‘six’ as a rigid rule in any service for people with a learning disability and/or autism. We may register providers who have services that are small scale, but accommodate more than six people, where providers are able to demonstrate that they accord with all of the principles and values in Building the Right Support guidance, and meet the fundamental standards and other relevant regulations. 

We know that the provision of care to people with a learning disability and/or autism is complex. There are multiple factors that affect outcomes for individuals. CQC therefore does not consider the size of service in isolation from other considerations, which include, but are not limited to: skills of staff; effectiveness of management; and evidence base for the proposed care model. As such, we recognise the need to have a measure of flexibility in regards to the size of services. 

In line with the evidence which underpins the national model, that smaller services are better able to provide personalised care than larger services, CQC remains of the view that smaller units are likely to be preferable for people with a learning disability because they promote the underpinning principles set out in Building the Right Support (which our regulations require us to apply).  

2. As of 3 April it is important to note that of all services rated the number of Care Homes with Nursing stands at 4,008. This is a significant reduction of care homes with nursing. NCF as well as CQC and other Trade Associations are raising this trend in a range of settings as it will impact Primary Care and the NHS. See slide 3 of ASC ratings power point

3. DH and DCLG are developing, in consultation with the ADASS, LGA, NHS E and NHSI, a set of metrics – including, but broader than, DTOCs – to assess patient flow across the NHS and social care interface. Following the development of the metrics we will ask the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to carry out targeted reviews in a small number of areas, starting as soon as is practical from May 2017. These reviews will be focused on the interface of health and social care and not cover wider council social care commissioning. This should lead to a tailored response to ensure those areas facing the greatest challenges can improve rapidly. Andrea Sutcliffe CQC Chief Inspector ASC advised as per slide 8 of the general slide pack…20 reviews will be undertaken. CQC will focus on quality and improvement. The Terms of Reference are still being agreed. DH will use metrics that McKinsey have already produced. A Social Care Special Advisor is being sought to work with CQC. A timetable for the programme is being planned. It has to be completed by March 2018. A central team within CQC is being identified to lead this work, the work will be led by CQC Primary Care directorate which incorporates integration. ASAC are very much engaged and will influence this work. Sir David Behan is clear that DH have to fund this separately and that it must not come from provider fee income.

4. Slides 23 -26 inclusive re role of care staff/nursing assistant and Associate Nurse roles were discussed in a much wider context than the slides capture. Sharon Blackburn had requested that this be on the agenda as recent Associate Nurse role standards from HEE could have untended consequences for the roles that many care staff currently fulfil across health and social care. 

5. CQC Statement on the new approach to disclosure of inspection notes please see attached. This is response in response to queries made on behalf of members. CQC have given permission for circulation.

30 March 2017: The CQC Adult Social Care external co-production group met at the end of March. Below are the attachments from the meeting:


A copy of the letter sent to local authorities by the Department for Communities and Local Government informing them that CQC has been asked to review how health and social care work together

A copy of the summary document from the January meeting

A copy of the handout from session 1 on Repeat Requires Improvement Framework

8 March 2017: CQC ASC Trade Association met on the 8 March. NCF was represented by Sharon Blackburn. Resources are available below: 

One is a statement prepared in response to queries raised by National Care Forum members regarding providers’ requirements for reporting safeguarding and death notifications. 

The slides from this meeting are now available

there are also a second set of slides available here

If further queries arise as a result of this response please do advise

The spring CQC consultation is due in May 2017 as is the outcome from the winter consultation Registering the Right Support.

The spring consultation will focus on:

- How CQC will regulate ASC and primary medical services from October 2017

- How CQC will regulate new and complex providers

- Fit and Provider Person Requirements for Directors

8 February 2017: Sharon Blackburn attended the CQC ASC Trade Association meeting on 8 February on behalf of NCF. Please see attached The slides from the meeting

17 January 2017: Sharon Blackburn attended the CQC ASC Trade Association meeting on 17 January on behalf of NCF. Please see below for:

The slides from the meeting

The response from John Forrest on Action Dec 16/09 regarding challenges to ratings made to the Ratings Review Team which was not attached to the previous email

Please also note that the Provider Survey is currently open and will close on Thursday 2nd February. Trade Associations are encouraged to kindly cascade this link to their members

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