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November - December 2014

20 March 2015: Des Kelly attended a meeting of CQCs Market Oversight Working Group. The main focus of the meeting was to consider the financial template, a draft of the guidance which will be issued shortly and additional work that had been undertaken on clarifying roles and responsibilities in the event of business failure.

20 March 2015: Des Kelly attended the DH-led Adult Social Care Workforce Development Programme Board. Items on the agenda included updates on the Care Act, the Care Certificate and Centre for Workforce Intelligence modelling; Nurses in Social Care following up the symposium; and future priorities.

19 March 2015: NCF has responded to the CQC's consultation on cap on care costs and appeals. The closing date for the consultation is Monday 30 March 2015.

18 March 2015: Des Kelly presents 'The Care Act 2014: are you ready?' workshop at the Care Showcase, Brighton 2015

11 March 2015: Des Kelly attended CQC adult social care trade association meeting: topics covered include updated provider guidance, requirement to display CQC ratings, special measures, fit and proper person requirement, duty of candour, care certificate statement. View the presentation from the meeting.

26 Feb 2015: Des Kelly attended the launch of Your Care Rating 2014 held - a seminar to launch the results of the survey.

20 Feb 2015: The NCF has responded to the CQC's consultation on draft guidance to help service providers meet a new requirement to display CQC ratings in their premises and online through their website. Our response has been sent out to all members today. Closing date for the consultation is Wednesday 25 February 2015.

20 Feb 2015: The NCF has responded to the consultation on the draft provider guidance for CQCs new regulatory duty to oversee and monitor the financial health of difficult-to-replace providers of adult social care services in England: (Market Oversight). Closing date for the consultation is Friday 20 February 2015.

27 Jan 2015: The NCF has responded to the CQC's proposals for special measures for adult social care. Our response has been sent out to all members today. Closing date for the consultation is Friday 30 January 2015

16 Jan 2015: Des Kelly participated in the department of health CQC Adult Social Care Co-Production meeting covering Market Oversite scheme, Quality Ratings, provider guidance, the fit and proper person requirement and duty of candour. presentation from meeting 16 January 2015

14 Jan 2015: Sharon Blackburn participated in CQC Trade Association meeting including workshop to discuss practical implementation concerns and a meeting with CQC/ DH and BiS to look at Focus On Enforcement the review carried out in 2013 by the Better Regulation Executive.

13 Jan 2015: Des Kelly and NCF Chair David Coull met with Julienne Meyer, My HomeLife | Clare Pelham and Rhidian Hughes, VODG | Tony Hunter, SCIE | Sharon Allen, Skills for Care

12 Jan 2015: Sharon Blackburn participated in the CQC Fees Advisory Panel. The meeting advised that over 800 responses had been received to the consultation. It is clear that the ASC have opposed the proposed 9% uplift.  A response about the actual uplift is unlikely to be available before April 2015

12 Dec 2014: Des Kelly participated in the department of health Adult Social Care Workforce Development Programme Board with an update on the Care Act 

10 Dec 2014: Sharon Blackburn chaired the afternoon of the NCPC dementia conference: Care planning for people with dementia approaching end of life. Follow the conversation at #EoLCDementia

9 Dec 2014: Sharon Blackburn contributed to the 
DH conversation on 
Choice Review: End of Life Care
. Sharon Blackburn is part of the Ministerial Choice Review Board.

9 Dec 2014: NCF Chair David Coull and Des Kelly met with David Pearson in his role as ADASS president to discuss preparation for implementation of the Care Act including impact assessment; commissioning relationships; financial sustainability and future funding; workforce and Winterbourne View next steps 

8 Dec 2014: Sharon Blackburn participated in the CommonAge board meeting. The organisation is now formally constituted and networking across the commonwealth. Sharon also participated in the Advisory Group for the OPTIMAL Research study: Better Health for Care Homes 

2 Dec 2014: Dementia Action Alliance annual event attended by Sharon Blackburn. Prof Graham Stokes spoke passionately about the positive place of care homes in the health and social care system: The Care Home Solution - a very different perspective to that of Simon Stevens CEO NHS England who recently stated that he would like to see care homes phased out - John Kennedy's Care Home Enquiry was well referenced in the presentation.  Prof Sube Banerjee spoke on National Dementia Strategy.

2 Dec 2014: Des Kelly attended the LCBT round table in Manchester to discuss personalisation and meeting the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people with dementia.

2 Dec 2014: Sharon Blackburn participated in the invitation only RCN Fellows Summit to consider a response to the negative issues manifest in older peoples nursing in the UK. A Task & Finish Group, chaired Prof Wilf  McSherry - RCN Fellow. More information will be shared as it becomes available. 

1 Dec 2014: Sharon Blackburn represented members at the European Homes and Services for the Ageing (EAHSA) AGM and board meeting in Brussels. Presentations included 'Managing reputation in the care sector' and a reflection on the conference held in Amsterdam.

26-27 Nov 2014: Des Kelly and Sharon Blackburn participated in the 24 hour Residential Forum session - exploring 'How should Residential Care Counter its critics?' - a report will be produced and shared.

25 Nov 2014: Sharon blackburn attended a day of the CNO SUMMIT 2014 themed 'Experience Matters'. Inclusion of ASC received mention with some acknowledgement that health can learn from Social Care. Still some way to go but important to keep dialogue open both nationally and locally. 

25 Nov 2014: Des Kelly attended the Market Oversight Feedback Event at which CQC will present revised proposals for the products presented at workshops 1 and 2 for final comment, having taken account of the feedback, comments and advice received at the workshops, and from other engagement activity.

21 Nov 2014: Des Kelly discussed partnership working with the Centre for Workforce Intelligence (CfWI)

20 Nov 2014: Sharon Blackburn represented members at the CQC End of Life Thematic Review Expert Advisory Group. This review will be published in September 2015.

20 Nov 2014: Strategic Advisory Group : Volunteering in Care Homes Project. NCF is represented on this group by Sharon Blackburn. To date 115 volunteers placed in 13 Care Homes in the pilot project. See also: Investing in Volunteers management good practice quality standard which could be used to support NCF Quality First

18 Nov 2014: Sharon Blackburn represented members at the CQC monthly Trade Association meeting. A response to a query re ' number of locations that can be registered to a registered manager' is detailed in the 24 November weekly update to members

17-18 Nov 2014: Des Kelly attended the newly formed Skills for Care board meeting.

17 Nov 2014: Sharon Blackburn represented NCF at both the National Dignity Council AGM and following council meeting: Dignity in Care 

12 Nov 2014: Des Kelly addressed the CQC Policy and Strategy Away Day in Manchester and raised with CQC such issues as our position on responsibilities for quality and improvement, the complexity of the care task, rising demands and expectations, recruitment challenges, commissioning practices, inspection methodology, evidence and outcome standards, the experience of being inspected, proportionality and consistency. A good round of questions and debate followed the presentations.

12 Nov 2014: Sharon Blackburn along with a number of NCF members participated in the Department of Health Care Act market simulation event with colleagues from Local Authorities and service user groups. The simulation event specifically focused on the residential care market (including nursing) 2016-2020. One of the most encouraging features of the day was to see providers and LA colleagues talking and listening in a very constructive way - with a real desire to see the whole picture.

10-11 Nov: NCF team and directors attending the NCF managers conference 2014 for front-line managers in social care to voice their concerns, learn first hand about changes in regulation and share best practice.

5 Nov 2014: Sharon Blackburn represented NCF on CQCs co-production group, focusing on how CQC should regulate Supported Living Services; Special Measures proposals and Registration.

4 Nov 2014: Des Kelly's speech at the Birmingham Care Show on the implications of the Care Act for care providers was well attended and well received. 
3 Nov 2014: Sharon Blackburn attended the Dying Matters Coalition: Day of the Dead event in London

3 Nov 2014: Des Kelly participated in a roundable discussion to explore how businesses in the care, retail and hospitality sector can afford to improve conditions for their poorest paid staff, including JRF research on the Minimum Income Standard (MIS) project

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