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Jan - Dec 2015

3 Dec  2015Generation Change, the independent voice of youth social action in Britain, presented to the membership at the NCF General Members Meeting. view the presentation

1 Dec 2015: Des Kelly OBE presented to the board and senior management team of Brendoncare on Tuesday 1 December, made a presentation to the Choir in Every Care Home project, and participated in a SCIE roundtable event on new opportunities for the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector following the Care Act (chaired by Lord Bichard, Chair of SCIE) – do check out the excellent resources from SCIE including the prevention library

On the same day, Sharon Blackburn was able to represent NCF at two key events - in the morning she chaired and spoke at the NCPC 10th End of Life and Dementia conference called 'See the ME in DeMEntia' and then in the afternoon she chaired and spoke at a workshop at the CNO Summit: ‘Creating value: The leadership role of the Independent Sector’. Angela Bradford from ExtraCare Charitable Trust spoke as did resident Brian Hobbs, along with CQC Deputy Chief Inspector Sue Howard. Sharon reports that at both events NCF members were present.

The final NCF Members Meeting of the 2015 included an inspiring presentation by David Reed and Sonia Sodha from Generation Change on matching young volunteers with care homes. view slides here

17 Nov 2015: Sharon Blackburn on behalf of NCF recently met with The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists  who have several resources available to assist with falls reduction and management. 

A briefing on Falls and Frailty , CSP’s Falls Model dataCSP have produced in partnership with Saga and Public Health England is the Get Up and Go guideYou can also see a video of a Timed Up and Go test which helps to assess whether a person is at an increased risk of a fall. If you would like to order copies of the Get Up and Go guide, please contact EHU on: 020 7314 7890 or

11 Nov 2015:  Sharon Blackburn represented NCF at CQC Trade Association- slides from the meeting. Key topics discussed: fees consultation published on 2 Nov 15, a registration tool for new providers to apply to register with CQC online via the Provider Portal. 

27 Oct 2015: Des Kelly attended the Flu Fighter Residential Care summit on 27 October, chaired by Sharon Allen, CEO, Skills for Care, and attended by Jane Ellison MP, Minister for Public Health and Alistair Burt MP, Minister for Community and Social Care, organised by NHS Employers. There were a series of presentations on treatment, prevention and control. The new campaign is intended to raise awareness, offer support, advice and guidance and share good practice. 

21 Oct 2015 - SB represented NCF at CQC Trade Association - slides from the meeting. Key topics discussed: Provider Information Return (PIR), Provider Portal invites, how is "sustained and continuous improvement" assessed post a breach warning,  In Home Care, Caldicott Guardians

29 Sep 2015: The National Care Forum along with the NHS and 10 other national organisations working within the health and social care sector have submitted a joint letter to the Migration Advisory Committee to highlight the challenges facing the care and support sector now and in the immediate future.  

25 Sep 2015 Des Kelly attended the ADASS Workforce Development Network to discuss priorities for 2015/16 sustainability; the national living wage; market sustainability; new roles for integration and partnerships; quality and safeguarding – skills and competencies; the Social Care Commitment and an update from the Centre for Workforce Intelligence and the Department of Health.

21-23 Sep 2015 NCF study tour to Duisburg in Germany, hosted by Sozialwerk St. Georg, with a particular focus on the use of technology. Our programme included a presentation by Professor Grinewitschus on an EU-funded project I-stay@home with visits to care settings to see technology in practice: slides to follow  

15 Sep 2015: TLAP Quality Forum Des Kelly represented NCF in his role as Chair of the TLAP Quality Forum. Minister of State for Community and Social Care, AlIstair Burt MP was also in attendance. Presentations on the day came from Andy Tilden, Skills for Care, Nick Baillie, NICE, Steve Scown, Dimensions and Andrea Sutcliffe, CQC

9 Sep 2015: CQC trade association meeting NCF was represented by Des Kelly. The meeting included an update on the quality ratings, provider portal roll-out to smal adult social care providers, quality of care in place and the CQC strategy review. The presentation slides are available here

17 Aug 2015: Sharon represented NCF at a meeting organised by CfWI. The CfWI was previously commissioned to consider a range of health occupations in 2014 and has now been commissioned to carry out an update for nursing only so that social care nursing can be considered as well as NHS nursing. For the previous review, the CfWI completed primary and secondary research engaging professional health advisory and programme boards, workforce planners, employers (e.g. Foundation Trust Network, NHS Employers and Independent Healthcare Advisory Service), Royal Colleges and other professional associations. At that time there was insufficient evidence to recommend nurses for inclusion on the NSOL. However, following additional research and analysis to include social care nurses, we have identified that nurses may now meet the criteria for inclusion on the NSOL.

12 Aug 2015: CQC ASC Trade Association Meeting. NCF was represented by Sharon Blackburn. The highlights: each Trade Association from September 2015 will have a CQC Relationship Lead: NCF's is Debbie Ivanova; from September Inspection posters will be rolled out in care home and hospice services; CQC are considering how best to use Community Services as part of the Housing with Care pilot; CQC developing 5 year strategy to be launched in April 2016 - formal consultation will open in January 2016, online survey.
Skills for Care have been commissioned to undertake a provider survey on safety. Slides available here

w/c 27 July 2015: Sharon Blackburn spent at day in Hull with NCF Member Penni Brown, CEO of HICA. Sharon also attended the CPA/ADASS meeting (alongside Des Kelly. The key topic was funding and the forthcoming CSR.

27 July 2015: Des Kelly OBE, Sharon Blackburn and David Innes (NCF Board of Director and CEO of RMBI) attended this meeting which was convened by CQC. View the slides The event was an opportunity for a structured discussion around CQC’s new duties on market overview (meeting notes from 9 May 2014) and better understanding of resilience and stability of the adult social care market together with the need to balance quality and finance. The outcome will lead to a report and will also feed into the CQC’s State of Care report.

22 July 2015: Sharon Blackburn represented NCF at the ILC Workshop (funded by HEE) on Nursing at the House of Lords. A call to action is being prepared by ILC UK.

20 July 2015: Des Kelly OBE attended a meeting convened, and chaired, by Jon Rouse, Director General of Social Care, Local Government and Care Partnerships at the Department of Health, to discuss initial responses from care providers to the ‘National Living Wage’ proposals announced in the budget. There was a desire to have a discussion ahead of the parliamentary recess. notes from the meeting can be viewed here

15 July 2015: Baroness Finlay’s meeting on her Access to Palliative Care Bill.  Sharon Blackburn attended this meeting held at the House of Lords. It gave invited participants an opportunity to inform and shape the content of the bill. This bill is about supporting people with complex care needs across the whole spectrum of Health and Social care, moving to a seven day a week service with access to specialist support; advice (including 24/7 telephone advice) and equipment.

13 July 2015: This report was launched at the APPG on Housing and Care for Older People by Home Renaissance Foundation. Sharon Blackburn represented NCF. read press release

14 July 2015: Sharon Blackburn attended the Dementia and Housing Working Group meeting. Denise Brennan presented the report from The Guinness Partnership about becoming a dementia friendly organisation. In addition The Housing and Dementia Research Consortium (hosted by University of Worcester) gave an update on their work. Many of NCF members are members of the Consortium and sit on the steering group. 

9 July 2015: CQC ASC Co Production meeting, Sharon Blackburn represented NCF. The key areas covered were: ASC Inspection posters; Experts by Experience; Improving CQC approach to providers with multiple locations and State of Care Report 2014/15. Lively debate and engagement . Slides will be available soon.

8 July 2015: regular CQC Trade AssociationSharon Blackburn represented NCF. Proposals are progressing for each Trade Association to have a CQC relationship lead. Progress on the ADASS a portal was shared and  robust discussions took place regarding Safeguarding regarding the reality from the perspective of members. Clare Crawley attended from DH. Sally Warren is leading from CQC. View the slides

6 July 2015: Care Sector Nursing Taskforce, Sharon Blackburn represented NCF. The main focus is Nursing and Nurses, however new roles are emerging for a higher level  care practitioner. Many providers are already exploring new ways of achieving quality outcomes for people using care services  and innovative staffing models are emerging. This is a priority across  care and health.

3 July 2015: Baroness Bakewell requested the NCF Personnel Statistics Survey to refer to in a House of Lords debate that day

3 July 2015: The Guardian/Skills for Care hosted roundtable discussion on ‘Promoting strong leadership in social care sector’. Des Kelly OBE participated in wide ranging discussion of the issues and challenges faced by the sector which will be published in The Guardian on 15 July.

2 July 2015: The King’s Fund Enhanced health in care homes conference. Des Kelly OBE attended this conference which explored how local areas can join up services for people living in care homes. For the highlights, presentations and other useful resources that were shared at the event: #kfcarehomes

1 July 2015: Des Kelly OBE attended The Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care conference which bought together representatives from the health and care community with the aim of exploring ways in which person-centred, co-ordinated care involving different service providers not covered by statutory regulation can improve patients’ wellbeing. Featuring keynote speeches from Jeremy Taylor, CEO of National Voices, and Harry Cayton, CEO of the Authority, the event featured insights from representatives from the Authority’s Accredited Registers programme. 

30 June 2015: Des Kelly OBE visited members Accord for a meeting with, interim Director of Health, Care and Support, Sara Naylor-Wild learning about developments along with their concerns and pressures as a care provider 

24 - 25 June 2015: Health+Care event, NCF Policy & Communications Director, Sharon Blackburn did sterling work as chair of a workshop stream at the packed and lively Health+Care event at the Health+Care Conference held in the Excel Centre in London. Des Kelly OBE participated in a panel discussion during the day along with Dr Sam Bennett, Director of TLAP and Harold Bulmer, ADASS Vice President on implementation of the Care Act in a discussion that considered personalisation, integration, market sustainability and funding.

23 June 2015: Des Kelly OBE was invited to visit members Vista Blind to see their new extension on to one of their older peoples homes which provides a new lounge and dining area.  

10 June 2015: Meeting with Alistair Burt, the Minister of State for Community and Social Care. The Minister is keen to update and expand his understanding of the principal organisations delivering health and social care in England. Des Kelly OBE attended with other key care sector body executives.

10 June 2015: Sharon Blackburn represented NCF at the regular CQC Trade Association Meeting. The topics explored included Ratings and Updates; Transparency of CQC data and information; provider portal demonstration and plans to measure impact and benefits (including cost benefits) of CQC. ASC presentation

2 June 2015: Sharon Blackburn has joined the newly established Department of Health Social Care Nursing Taskforce which met for the first time on 2 June. This taskforce has emerged post the DH symposium held in February which considered the supply of, and recruitment and retention of Nurses in adult social care. It will feed into the DH Adult Social Care Workforce Development Programme Board of which I am a member. Sharon has a place on this taskforce as a member of the DH Independent Sector Advisory Forum. The views and experiences of NCF members will also feed into the contributions she intends to make.

28 May 2015: The Social Care Commitment Des Kelly OBE attended a meeting of the Steering Group of the Social Care Commitment held at Skills for Care. The meeting was provided with an update on sign-ups so far – now over 2000 organisations and more than 3000 employees! There is a new website and a substantial number of resources to support providers. Links to the Care Act and the Care Certificate was also discussed. 

28 May 2015: Des Kelly OBE attended a meeting of the Your Care Rating care provider reference group which also met on 28 May. Annie Webber, Director of Safeguarding and Quality at MHA took over as the chair of the Reference Group. Ipsos Mori provided feedback on the 2014 survey and outlined plans and timeline for the 2015 survey.

19 - 20 May 2015: NCF team and directors hosted the Annual Conference. Implementation of the Care Act: priorities for providers follow the link for presentations from speakers: Prof Jill Manthorpe (Director of Social Care Workforce Research Unit, King's College London), Dr Anne Talbot (Associate Medical Director Service Transformation Greater Manchester), Ray James (President ADASS), Sally Warren (Deputy Chief Inspector CQC) and Dr Stephen Judd (CEO HammondCare, Australia), plus workshop sessions.

14 May 2015: Round Table Event on Housing and Systems Leadership in the "New" political landscape. 
Aims: to encourage health, public health and social care to include housing automatically when thinking about large-scale or transformational service change. Explore what the opportunities might be for more leadership, and systems leadership, development in housing. Des Kelly has been invited to attend

14 May 2015: Provider roundtable: new models of care programme Sharon Blackburn attended and participated in this event on behalf of the NCF which was organised by NHS England. If NCF members are involved in any of the vanguards (29 in total of which 6 involve care homes) then Sharon would love to hear from you about how they are progressing.

13 May 2015: Des Kelly OBE presented at a conference on procurement held at Cambridge University, as a member of the Commission on Residential Care.

12 May 2015: Community Care Live Conference: Des Kelly OBE participated in a panel session on the dementia strategy to offer a provider perspective on best practice at the Community Care Live event held in Birmingham on 12 May – see my recent blog for further detail. 

11 May 2015: Sharon Blackburn represented NCF at the Care Providers Alliance. A range of topics were explored particularly around engaging with the new government.

23 - 24 April 2015: Des Kelly joined colleagues from across the UK and Ireland for the 5 Nations Care Forum which had a debate on the true cost of care (including a presentation from John Kennedy of JRHT), workforce issues and regulation.

21 April 2015: "Leadership to make good things happen… and to stop bad things from happening"
- a statement made at the Residential Forum workshop held last week to update the charity’s manifesto on residential care services. Des Kelly was one of the invited group of attendees who revisited the manifesto produced in 2010 which included the following themes: personalised and co-produced; properly resourced; recognition and respect; spectrum of care; effectively regulated. The manifesto will be developed for use with the new administration. 

16 April 2015: ADASS Spring Seminar which was held at Yarnfield in Staffordshire , Des Kelly attended to discuss regulating and providing quality in austerity. There was a presentation from David Behan and Andrea Sutcliffe on ‘Regulating Quality in Austerity’ followed by a session on ‘Providing Quality in Austerity’ and then a shared panel discussion. 

15 April 2015: Des Kelly represented the NCF and providers as a member of the advisory group to the Comic Relief Care Home Challenge Fund to select from the 20 shortlisted applications. A difficult task with so many excellent proposals but 10 exciting projects were selected. The next steps are for proposals to be made to Comic Relief’s UK Grants Committee and then Trustees in May for final approval. It is anticipated that projects will commence shortly thereafter. It is intended that the best of the projects (as determined by independent evaluation) will be chosen for a second phase of funding especially where there is evidence of being able to utilise the learning.

8 April 2015: Sharon Blackburn represented NCF at the CQC/trade associations meeting held on 8 April. Items discussed: Display of ratings, Multiple PIR requests, Submission of PIR's.
All services should receive a rating from CQC by September 2016 – members will note that this deadline has been moved from the original target of the end of March 2016.

20 March 2015: Des Kelly attended a meeting of CQC’s Market Oversight Working Group. The main focus of the meeting was to consider the financial template, a draft of the guidance which will be issued shortly and additional work that had been undertaken on clarifying roles and responsibilities in the event of business failure.

20 March 2015: Des Kelly attended the DH-led Adult Social Care Workforce Development Programme Board. Items on the agenda included updates on the Care Act, the Care Certificate and Centre for Workforce Intelligence modelling; Nurses in Social Care – following up the symposium; and future priorities.

19 March 2015: NCF has responded to the CQC's consultation on cap on care costs and appeals. The closing date for the consultation is Monday 30 March 2015.

18 March 2015: Des Kelly presents 'The Care Act 2014: are you ready?' workshop at the Care Showcase, Brighton 2015

11 March 2015: Des Kelly attended CQC adult social care trade association meeting: topics covered include updated provider guidance, requirement to display CQC ratings, special measures, fit and proper person requirement, duty of candour, care certificate statement. View the presentation from the meeting.

26 Feb 2015: Des Kelly attended the launch of Your Care Rating 2014 held - a seminar to launch the results of the survey.

20 Feb 2015: The NCF has responded to the CQC's consultation on draft guidance to help service providers meet a new requirement to display CQC ratings in their premises and online through their website. Our response has been sent out to all members today. Closing date for the consultation is Wednesday 25 February 2015.

20 Feb 2015: The NCF has responded to the consultation on the draft provider guidance for CQC’s new regulatory duty to oversee and monitor the financial health of difficult-to-replace providers of adult social care services in England: (Market Oversight). Closing date for the consultation is Friday 20 February 2015.

27 Jan 2015: The NCF has responded to the CQC's proposals for special measures for adult social care. Our response has been sent out to all members today. Closing date for the consultation is Friday 30 January 2015

16 Jan 2015: Des Kelly participated in the department of health CQC Adult Social Care Co-Production meeting covering Market Oversite scheme, Quality Ratings, provider guidance, the fit and proper person requirement and duty of candour. presentation from meeting 16 January 2015

14 Jan 2015: Sharon Blackburn participated in CQC Trade Association meeting including workshop to discuss practical implementation concerns and a meeting with CQC/ DH and BiS to look at Focus On Enforcement – the review carried out in 2013 by the Better Regulation Executive.

13 Jan 2015: Des Kelly and NCF Chair David Coull met with Julienne Meyer, My HomeLife | Clare Pelham and Rhidian Hughes, VODG | Tony Hunter, SCIE | Sharon Allen, Skills for Care

12 Jan 2015: Sharon Blackburn participated in the CQC Fees Advisory Panel. The meeting advised that over 800 responses had been received to the consultation. It is clear that the ASC have opposed the proposed 9% uplift.  A response about the actual uplift is unlikely to be available before April 2015

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